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In the meantime, here is a little bit about us and our new book.

1029 Consulting

1029’s work is with top CEOs who want to make their great companies exceptional. Leaders have so many things going on they can’t always see what is needed – we are the specialist mechanic who looks at the company as a whole and then at each piece to figure out how it all needs to work together. The work done results in identifying and addressing the big or little things that have an enormous impact on the bottom line.

Leaders are pulled in many directions and may be wearing blinders because of it. Businesses who aspire to be the best need that objective look at what works well and could work better. Additionally, they want someone to find what might be broken and fix it so that resources are optimized and bottom line performance is maximized.

Leaders who are accountable for achieving strategic goals, a robust bottom line and for whom “good enough” is not the answer use us to address the following:

  • Company organization and structure
  • Overhead operations management and improvement
  • Business coaching
  • Succession planning (transition, sale, merger or acquisition)
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Leadership development



Get in touch today to discuss how 1029 can take your business to exceptional:

Cell: 206-465-2240
Email: jessica@1029consulting.net


the book: Stop Pushing String


Have you ever sat across from someone trying to figure out how help them make a decision?

Based in interactions as an employee, client and consultant, the Five Languages of Business were developed as another tool for anyone running a project, communicating with decision makers or just trying to talk to someone with a different business perspective.

Stop Pushing String gives a unique perspective on communications and business personalities.